Forest & Fjord is the web shop of partners Sarah & Skye, it is our labor of love, our embodied manifestation of the material relationship garnered from a profound connection to this northern coastal bioregion. The creations found in this shop are inspire from a their lives living alongside the forest and fjords of Alaska’s coastal region, blend of boreal and temperate rainforest. With a lifestyle focused on mindful relating, these crafts are a result of the inspiration found in continual relationship to place.

the Apothecary


The focus is kept on hand harvested, homegrown or intentionally wildcrafted herbs, and truly well sourced oils and fats, whether that be from locally processed or homegrown animals, or organically cold pressed seeds. Strong attention is put into a stewardship dynamic with the plants used, and most often the ‘wild’ herbs have been naturalized onto our property where we harvest. Formulations are designed with abundant herbal allies in order to not put pressure or demand on more sensitive or elder species. Occasionally there are herbal ingredients used from elsewhere, but this is rare and made known.

Forest & Fjord products from the apothecary are essentially memories, moments, magic, from the primordial northern forests and the glacial fed fjords that feed them.

the Smithy


For years Skye has been building the implements in order to cast our own jewelry, saved adornment, in house. We’ve been collecting botanical elements, carefully preserving plants, bones, and creatures from the sea in order to cast jewelry as natural talismans. We are working on getting our first collection released before this midwinter of 2021.

Dena’inaq ełnen’aq’ gheshtnu ch’q’u yeshdu

‘I live and work on the land of the Dena’ina.’

translation: S. Shaginoff-Stuart, J. Isaak