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What is a Hydrosol?

Learn about the holistic nature of hydrosols & how they are made through the lens of harvesting Yarrow, as we go on a journey from foraging to crafting hydrosols & essential oils - “In this steam distillation of Yarrow, not only did I bottle up the water based spirit of life present in all beings, I collected the distinctive and unique soul of Yarrow too. As the deep blue liquid poured from the still, the spirit waters created are not just water, but the spirit of life that has bonded with soul; water that has bonded with oil. Also present are the cellular waters of Yarrow, collected just before a storm during an eclipse, preserving a cosmic moment in time through the lens of this particular plant.”….

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Cleaning Up Our New Alembic Still

We recieved our still! Itwas hand crafted in Portugal, from a family company that has been doing this for a long, long time. We will be using to create artisan essential oils as well as other wildcrafted products from the other mystical component of distilling plants, hydrosols. This alembic still design is from the Islamic Golden Age circa the mid 700s, the dawn of alchemy, the original chemistry. The word 'al ambic' in Arabic means 'that which refines and transmutes'. Which describes exactly what distillation is; a way of distinguishing and purifying certain constituents from plant material.

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