Botanical Nourishment & Adornment.
Gifts of the North


Forest & Fjord is a project exploring the art of belonging through the concept of cræft.

the apothecary collection

A R C H A I C    A L C H E M Y

The concept of archaic alchemy speaks to many things. Archaic means ancient, but almost beyond ancient in way that seems to transcend our concepts of easily defined culture, civilization and borders. It brings to mind a tap root plunging deep into the earth, governed by the old ones, the elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water & Earth. Alchemy is a word that describes the art of a hands on spirit based inquiry, involving a mind, body, and soul approach. This collection is thus named to act as a bridge to the primordial landscapes of the Alaskan North, each item intended as a personal ritual tool, transporting you to a place beyond time. These formulations came to me through my own ancestral practice and have become profound bioregional tools while cultivating and caring for my external & internal home. The majority of the plants I am drawn to within my environment and chose to work with in this collection are circumpolar, meaning they grow around the world, and are allies my kin have been in relationship to in the past. They possess a knowing my bones are familiar with. May these creations stir ancient memories within you too.


coming soon


A much anticipated jewelry line created in the smithy incorporating talismanic botanical elements cast straight from the forest, and primordial textures from the sea.  Be the first to browse the limited collection when its ready by subscribing to our infrequent newsletter.